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We provide everything you need to succeed

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Quickode - a team with a smile

"Mobile is the future, and there's no such thing
as communication overload." Eric Schmidt.

We are here to help you be a part of this future

about us

Quickode is a one-stop-shop providing development, design & marketing services.
We provide NativeiOS/Android/Windows development, web development, server side development as well as UX/UI design and marketing research & strategy.
We specialize in working with startups and High-Tech companies.
We are tuned in to the specific needs and problems tech companies face and we can provide tailor made solutions.
We believe in a full-service approach. We provide everything that is needed to transform your idea into reality.
The company was founded in 2011 by Yoni Colb and Eli Krief and has since been working with leading Startups and High Tech enterprises.

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There are 3 main factors in delivering great products: understanding your genuine need, translating this need into Specification & UX/UI and writing great code that is flexible, documented and long-lasting.
We are here to provide you with everything you need to succeed, all in one place

NATIVE IOS DEVELOPMENT (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac)

In order to write great code you have to become a specialist. At Quickode we have a large team of iOS developers, extensive Apple expertise and we make it our business to constantly be up-to-date and always use cutting-edge technologies.


Microsoft is the leading software company in the world, they are here to stay, and so is Windows, Quickode wrote the first native windows phone application in ISRAEL. and now with the Windows 10 SDK we are building Universal Windows apps for tablet, phone, PC, Windows IoT, and classic Windows applications for the desktop.


The Android operating system runs on different devices from different companies and each of them customize the Android operating system to meet their needs. we work very hard to write great code that port and support various devices.


The world is being re-shaped by the convergence. You have to provide your customers a complete solution you need to use the latest technologies. At Quickode we provide you with everything HTML5 can offer and help you to succeed.


Your product has to look great and work perfectly in order to make the client want to use it. At Quickode, we will help you understand what your customers' needs are and how to provide them with the best experience.


Quickode offers QA services and solutions with comprehensive and reliable testing processes for its customers while adhering to the highest quality of testing standards.


Our server-side team has extensive C# .NET and SQL experience. We also develop PHP and Java. We are constantly innovating and using latest-generation technologies. We are experts in Microsoft, Amazon or Google cloud services.


We really want to see you succeed and are willing to reduce our hourly rate and share the risk with you! Here's how it works: We offer you a unique workshop - performed with an external consultant and paid for by you - that will help you validate your great idea. If you pass the validation - you'll get a chance to join our Startup Program with reduced rates and equity-sharing. Want to know more? Talk to us!

meet the team


Yoni Colb >

Yoni Colb

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Eli Krief


We're hiring

The revolution in mobile, tablet and Web-centric computing is happening now. And Quickode is leading the way.
Do you have what it takes to join?
Available positions:
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • HTML5 Developer

View our careers listing and apply.



Quickode has taken part in mentorship numerous times in a variety of accelerator programs, startup contests and meetups.


Over the years, Quickode has accommodated many student final projects from leading colleges and universities. We’ve even paired up some of the students with various entrepreneurs and startups in order to provide the students with the best experience possible.


Quickode is very active in the thriving hi-tech ecosystem. We are involved in many community meetups and Facebook/LinkedIn groups, helping fellow developers or entrepreneurs. We are Organizers and Media Partners at Lean Startup Machine workshops and take part in panels.


Besides Professional lectures Quickode gives at various colleges and Universities, we also lecture at student events, employment fairs and meetups. We’ve lectured to Ultra-Orthodox entrepreneurs, foreign delegations, high-school students and many more.

Lean Startup Machine workshop, 2014

Azrieli College of Engineering, 2014

Jerusalem College of Technology, 2014